Applied Ornithology for Agriculture

The first!

Grus Ecosciences is the fist private entity in India to be funded by prestigious National Fund for Basic, Strategic and Frontier Application Research in Agriculture under Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) for our project on reduction of crop loss by birds using bio-acoustics. We are proud to be part of India’s mission on multi-institutional research to build capacity for basic and strategic research of national and long term importance to break yield and quality barriers. The research is conducted in partnership with All India National Project on Agricultural Ornithology under 11th Five Year Plan, on acoustical management of pest birds of agriculture, specially in Sorghum and Sunflower.

The Impact . . .

Crop loss due to birds in agriculture ranges anywhere from 5-100% depending on associated weather factors, dry vs irrigated areas, extent of cropping area, crops in surrounding areas, bird population, proximity of roosting sites, breeding areas etc to mention a few. Complete loss of crop occurs in dry land agricultural practices with small land holdings,

First Annual Report

Our first Annual report is out, please download the same for your reference. Annual Report 2012-13, you can right click on the URI and use save as feature to have the copy locally.

associated with roosting sites of pest birds. Many a farmers have been forced to abandon remunerative crops to save from bird damage. Once a pattern of feeding is established, it is hard to ward off pest birds from the cropping areas.

The research focus is on delivery of suitable and effective broadcasting mechanism benefiting wide range of stakeholders like small and marginal farmers, research institutes, seed production areas and fruit orchards. Future possibilities of customization of acoustic delivery platform to different cropping regions, self-upgrading smart devices, and affordability to all stakeholders, are envisaged.

Harmony everywhere

Under the ICAR project we are pushing the limits of Harmony beyond the known Industrial Design. We want to make it affordable to farmers at much cheaper costs, so that the crop loss can be minimized to a greater extent. We are working closely with numerous Universities to unearth the possibilities of Applied Agricultural Ornithology for Indian farmers.