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Grus Ecosciences (formerly known as Via Life Sciences, before that as Kreisel Technologies) got established in 2009. Headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Grus Ecosciences has a unique combination of software professionals and ornithologists joining hands to offer a suite of products and services – hitherto impossible to deliver in India – in the field of applied ornithology.

We believe in our dream to create a human knowledge pool in the country in order to bring in effective bird management, and we are completely committed to it since our inception. We strive to train safety functionaries at airports to incite a passion in bird studies and contribute to national flight safety. From our training program – a lifetime of training trainees – we have produced a few serious birders in airports who have become invaluable assets to their organizations, of whom we are proud of. They are contributing to the field of aviation ornithology in their own way. We believe no bird management is possible without training.

Our experienced ornithologists, has been pursuing research in the field of bird management at airports, agricultural fields and cityscapes like. Since techniques are unique to Asia – to be precise – India were lacking, we invented many methods of data collection suitable to our zoo-geographical classifications. Since then, we have tried and tested these techniques in the field and pleased with the results. With the prowess in software, we have built many algorithms and data processing techniques to analyze data collected in the field and churn out powerful results. We have thus copyrighted softwares and algorithms like GeoSpace, PRE (Perch Risk Evaluation and Mitigation), ARI (Airport Risk Index), AFA (Attraction Factor Analysis) and unique grid based time series system to bring Integrated Avifauna Management.

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Grus Ecosciences offers an array of products that benefit airports, agriculture, archaeological monuments, and urban landscape. To know more about the products and services that we offer, please contact Mahesh S. S. on +91-948-270-2806 or you may send E-mail to (

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Be part of the Grus Ecosciences journey in addressing Airport's issues holistically, in case you are interested in partnering with us and your organization belongs to one among these countries Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Cambodia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, China, Maldives, Bhutan, Indonesia, do write to ( with complete details of your business or intent.

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