Wildlife Studies
Harmony M3
Our research has revealed that grass on your runway shoulders is as important as other
techniques for controlling bird activity. Every Airport is different for this and no
single formula works; as opposed to what the rest of them think.

The Way

With years of intensive research on ethology of problematic birds at airports, we at Via Life Sciences have expertise in working out combination of grass type and height that reduces the attraction of birds to runway shoulders. It is possible to reduce the bird attraction to shoulders by careful selection of grass species suitable for a particular airport. Soil conditions and water quality are other two important factors that decide the species of grass to be grown. By maintaining suitable grass types on runway shoulders at a particular height one can minimize attraction of birds.

Outlook . . .

Our solutions accrue highest cost-benefit to the customers. It is impossible to eliminate the bird attraction to turf on runway shoulder. On the contrary, elimination of grass is in itself is also not the solution. This is because, at all heights of the grass, one or the other species of birds would find it suitable to rest, roost, breed or feed. For example, barren lands are attractive to Sparrow Larks, Sandgrouses, and Lapwings whereas, tall grass would attract Zitting Cisticola and Prinias.

Artificial turfs are exorbitantly costly and has their own drawbacks as for as birds are concerned. For example in tropical conditions, during pre-Monsoon showers, winged termites emerge en masse. Losing wings, scores of them die within a short distance from airfield lighting system overnight. Dead insects would be easily discernable to birds like Kites, Crow, Mynas, and Starlings etc on artificial turf, the next morning. Resting birds do not depend on the type of grass but by grass height. Artificial turf has a fixed height meaning which no room for manipulation of height to control birds on runway shoulders.

We offer to study the existing grass diversity at an airport and produce a comprehensive report on suitable grass species to be grown, maintenance calendar and/or complete undertaking of scientific landscaping of runway shoulders with suitable grass species.We have collaboration with well experienced landscapists at various parts of the country and technical people to bring in scientific landscaping done on runway shoulders with the aim to reduce bird activity.

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