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Harmony M3
Harmony addresses 67 species of birds and seven species of animals that are problematic in airports in the Indian sub-continent. Even after years, it still scores
83% on the IQR chart overall. Re-engineered hardware ensures natural sound and longer
battery life. As usual it is weatherproof and comes with 1 year replacement warranty.

Best bio-acoustical device on the planet

M3 has been our best Harmony yet, we have poured years of research in creating this. M3 has got major face lift, in terms of reachability, mobility, long battery life and excellent sound quality. All this without compromising on the IQR (Inter Quartile Range analysis), M3 still clocks 83% effectiveness on IQR. That is why it is no surprise why M3 is the best in its class of bioacoustic devices.. Almost all other equipments manufactured in the world compare pale against Harmony with IQR rating between 10 - 20% in South-east Asia.

Natural way, Forward

As it goes in the nature, often, nature itself provides the best solutions for the problem arising out of it; the same is very true in case of Harmony M3. Harmony M3, is built over the foundations of ‘alarm/distress/predator calls’ produced by birds/animals. Or in other words, Harmony M3 speaks the language of birds and animals and tells them in their own language that an area is ‘dangerous’. Harmony M3 uses no artificial sounds as they convey no meaning to wildlife. We have done extensive research in this area for the last 20 years to understand the language of birds and animals using sonogram analysis. We have identified dialects of communication so that better dispersal can be achieved. We have also incorporated technologies to prevent acclimatisation of wildlife to bioacoustic signals in Harmony M3.

Behind the scene

Harmony doesn't simply use the calls produced by birds AS IS, our group of scientists (both Ornithology and Software) indulge themself rigorously for weeks (for some species we have spent close to 17 weeks), identifying the pattern, dialects, super-imposition and frequency to re-construct the call. Thats not all, the call is sent to different zoo-geographical areas of country to get field feedback and we spend a minimum of 180 days in the field testing the behavioural patterns. The feedback from the field is then incorporated back into the call sequence to attain a perfect possible re-construction to yield maximum effect on the target species. Most of the equipment available in Indian market at the most give the effectiveness up to 20%, where as Harmony delivers 83% median score in IQR testings, we aren't surprised.

Save us

Unprecedented performance; in a league of its own

IQR Performance Chart

Simple, Tailored, Weatherproofed, & FREE Charging station

M3 is simple to operate, as simple as pushing a switch. Harmony is programmed to play out the language of problematic wildlife along with the calls of their predators to boost the efficiency in the fields. The software on board M3 randomizes the broadcast so that birds getting habituated to the calls is delayed.

M3 comes with three presets on board to facilitate airports to address specific set of birds in each season and fourth one for dispersing nocturnal birds. This customization comes FREE of cost with every M3, and we are glad, we can help you with it.

To ease the operations we gift one Grus Power bank with a back up of 30 hours of power with each M3. The power bank comes along with a free battery charger.

M3 works purely on the Solar energy (if stationed). While it draws it energy from Sun, it also keeps its battery charged at the same time. To ease the operations we gift one AC charging station FREE for an order of four M3.

M3, like its predecessors, comes with one year guarantee, during which we will replace the faulty equipment free of cost, if found not tampered.. You can avail additional AMC to extend this promise further.

Next Generation hardware/software

M3 is fully compatible for fitting in airport patrol vehicles. It fits into dashboard of patrol vehicles and can be used as a static unit on runway shoulders with minimum accessories.

The new generation of circuitry handles the problem of signalling wildlife against noisy backgrounds. The aircraft noise contains almost all frequency components – a flat characteristic between 1kHz to 6kHz. Whereas the birds hearing is sensitive in the range of 2kHz to 3kHz – a bottleneck to effectively convey the alarm signals in noisy conditions. Harmony M3 maximizes the chances of delivering message across in noisy conditions through increased signal to noise ratio – with raised power spectra, yet natural to hear.

M3 has repertoire of song delivered through Class-D circuitry. Scientists in the field of bird-song research suggest that birds respond better and leave the area quickly by hearing many different song types with the impression that the area is fully occupied and dangerous. The song sequence is carefully selected for each problematic bird to be deterred.

Own a team of experts

Every purchase of Harmony comes with professional advice, unprecedented service and support. We are willing to give you the best that we can, 'ask and you shall receive'.

Support and Warranty

When you buy a Harmony we offer our expert help in customizing the equipment and setting up the instrument in your airport (not airbase). Harmony M3 also comes with one year hassle free unlimited breakdown and replacement warranty. Of course you can extend this support with Grus AMC.

You can reach our support team by calling (Anand C. C) +91 903 524 1636 or by sending E-mail to (anand@grus.co.in) or (m@grus.co.in) . Do visit our Support section for all Harmony related documents.

Flyers, Reports etc.

Here is all the electronic documents you might need on Harmony M3. Use mouse right-click and choose 'Save Link As..' to have local copy on your Mac or PC.

Harmony M3 Brochure
IQR Report for Harmony M3

  • We only do the installation once free of cost during the time of rental scheme start, any movement after that attracts TA and DA for the engineer visiting your premises. The cost of TA and DA are governed by Grus Ecosciences and you can not influence the cost structure. Any illegal movement without Grus Ecosciences's consent would void all the warranty on the equipment and Grus Ecosciences reserves the right to pick the equipment before the tenure time.
  • Any issues with the equipment must only be attended by Grus Ecosciences engineer. In case if any tampering is observed on the equipment not only would you lose the warranty but also Grus Ecosciences reserves the right to pick the equipment before the tenure time. Any tampering of the equipment attracts full recovery of the total equipment cost.