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Harmony M3
Try M3 at your Airport before you zealously want to own it permanently.
Now, your Airport can enjoy the benefits of Harmony M3 at low TCO.
Yes, we do offer rental to ownership sales.

M3 goes rentals

M3 has been our best bio-acoustic device yet, with unprecedented 83% on IQR measurement. We would like to offer this great product to as many as we could through affordable options. So, we have come out with rental model through which your airport can try M3 at their station before you wish to own it permanently.

Is M3 the right product for me?

M3 works flawless and most effective across Asian sub-continent. However, we strongly encourage you to cross check the list of birds and animals that troubles your airport against the list of 67 species of birds and 7 species of animals on Harmony. If your list matches with ours then M3 is a perfect fit for you. We believe in being honest up front, so that it saves your time, money and heartburns. In case you don't know which species of birds are of concern to your airport, we can help you with that for a nominal fee, to know more on this, visit  Wildlife Studies.

M3 seems fit, what's next?

Great. Simply write to us via e-mail Mahesh S. S. (m@grus.co.in) or place a call to +91 948 270 2806, we will start working with you closely to understand the needs completely before we offer a suggestion. If you find M3 isn't the right product for you, we humbly request you to tell us your thoughts which lead you to it.

FREE trials?

Harmony has been adopted by Indian Air Force widely after an year and a half long evaluation and trials. Also, Harmony has been field tested for use by Airports Authority of India (AAI) at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. During this period we have customized both the software and hardware components to suit the on field needs extensively. We no longer offer free trials anywhere, anymore.

M3 Effectiveness chart on all target species

IQR Performance Chart

Pay as you go

You can avail the rental scheme for a minimum duration of six (6) months, at a competitive pricing scheme. If you are not happy with M3 you can cancel the rental agreement at any time 4. During the period of engagement with us, we provide you our expert services throughout, without any charges.

Service and Maintenance

During the rental period you are fully covered for replacement of the equipment1, so you don't have to bother about maintenance. We completely understand the pain in monetary loss, so our scheme is simple; in case M3 becomes un-serviceable2 during the rental period, we simply extend the rental time by crediting that many number of days to your account.

Rentals to EMI, save 19% in TCO

When you are convinced with M3 you can move to our interest free (zero interest) EMI scheme any time. Your prior amount from rental scheme will be adjusted against the EMI scheme. In EMI mode you end up saving 19% per M3 on TCO3 (Total Cost of Ownership), to know more on this please do write to us.

During the entire tenure of EMI you are fully covered on the equipment for any damages1. Also we extend FREE upgrade of any new calls to all the equipments till the time EMI is in force.

You don't just own a Harmony, you own team of experts

Every purchase of Harmony comes with professional advice, unprecedented service and support. We are willing to give you the best that we can, 'ask and you shall receive'.

Support and Warranty

When you buy a Harmony we offer our expert help in customizing the equipment and setting up the instrument in your airport5. Harmony also comes with 1 Year hassle free unlimited break down and replacement warranty6. Of course, you can extended this wonderful support with Grus AMC.

You can reach our support team by calling (Anand C. C) +91 903 524 1636 or by sending E-mail to (anand@grus.co.in) or (m@grus.co.in). Do visit our Support section for all Harmony related documents.

  • Damages to the equipment would be assessed before replacement. Intentional damages are not covered under warranty, if you open the M3 unit your warranty expires immediately. In such case you are entitled to pay full amount towards the equipment loss. Also, you can not physically re-locate M3 on your own without consenting with Grus Ecosciences, such act immediately disqualifies you from all sorts of warranty.
  • If we are unable to replace the equipment immediately for any act of god or force majeure we will credit those non working days of M3 to your account and extend the rental time FREE of cost. For example, you raise the ticket on 1st of the month and replacement is given to you on 20th, then your account will be credited with 20 days of extended time, free of cost.
  • The reduced TCO calculation is done keeping a customer moving to EMI scheme after six months of rental period. This can vary dramatically depending on when you move from rental scheme to EMI scheme. We don't guarantee 19% savings in any other transition mode.
  • If you are breaking the initial six months contract, then you will have to bear the un-installation expenses which generally involves two way travel for our engineer and any damages to the equipment.
  • We do the installation free of cost during the time of rental scheme start, any shifting later, attracts TA and DA for the engineer visiting your premises. The cost of TA and DA are governed by Grus Ecosciences and you can not influence the cost structure. Shifting the equipment without Grus Ecosciences's consent would void all the warranty on the equipment and Grus Ecosciences reserves the right to pick the equipment before the tenure time.
  • Any issues with the equipment must only be attended by Grus Ecosciences engineer. In case if any tampering is observed on the equipment, not only would you lose the warranty but also Grus Ecosciences reserves the right to pick the equipment before the tenure time. Any tampering of the equipment attracts full recovery of the total equipment cost.