Skua - Unlock and perfect your Aerodrome management through accurate data
Revolutionary feature complete application framework that would help you re-discover
hidden patterns about the activities in your airport like never before. Skua
helps you analyse data in seconds, which otherwise would take long time.
Presenting Skua, world's first app in its own kind.

Hands free solution, well almost . . .

Skua is a an aerodrome automation app built on mobile platform. Skua assists in and completely takes over the routine day to day operations on maneuvering and movement area. It has the capability to interlink various departments in your and other airports

An Intelligent Platform

Skua is a platform for collection of sophisticated bird and wildlife data intuitively capturing nine parameters on their activity. The observer need not be an expert on birds/wildlife. It trains the field staff on bird identification. Most important thing about Skua is, it captures the reasons for bird presence at your airport that can be used for targeted bird management. Targeted bird management saves up to 50% of time, energy, money spent by safety functionaries and reduces bird menace effectively for longer duration. Skua fits nicely into As Low As Reasonably Possible (ALARP) concept of bird management in airports. You can get bird data analysis report, trend projection and predictive analysis on bird activity for your airport.

Skua is capable of using data from other airports for impending bird movements at your airport, helping airport managers to make preparations in advance.

Ubiquitous presence

Skua seamlessly integrates bird/wildlife data with ATC, Flight Safety departments and field staff. Time delays in exchange of bird data is reduced up to 70%. ATC displays are uncluttered to help controllers to quickly grasp the situation on runway.

Foreign Objects management

Skua is an efficient FOD recording tool too. Simply record the FOD on runway using Skua for future analysis. You can map, find FOD prone areas, monitor FODs intentionally kept for finding out efficiency of FOD patrol, analyze what types of FODs are bothering your airport in short, medium and long term.

A short walkthrough of Skua, its technology, way it works etc.

Skua is available on AppStore.