Wildlife Studies
Harmony M3
Everything is just a job, until it is understood completely. Understanding transforms
'Job' to something else altogether. So, let there be light . . .

The differentiator

We believe in tailoring the course structure as per the requirements of an Organization. Having experience in this field for more than 20 years, we understand the future requirements of airport flight safety. Be it protection of valuable inventories planned for procurement in the coming years, or possession of trained manpower for deployment and operation of bird radars, we have already catered those requirements in our course curriculum.

The course caters for not only basics of field ornithology, but also on some of the advanced topics like DNA fingerprinting techniques for bird identification, preservation of bird remains, radar ornithology, Bird Avoidance Model – all in simple but capturing way. We provide hands on experience on data collection techniques, identification of birds, body parts, counting techniques, photography and many such topics of interest and value to field functionaries and officers.

We have practical experience in teaching Peterson's method of identifying birds widely used in USA, to trainees. The course is mostly conducted out in the fields. Starting from the identification of birds to the understanding of bird ethology, we give individual attention to each member of the group and thrive for producing highly trained manpower.

Outlines of the course

    The course includes the following

  • Flexible number of trainees in a batch
  • Multiple batches in a year
  • Flexible schedule for each course
  • Training schedule in the airport
  • Visits to nearby ecosystems
  • Case studies on bird management
  • Practical exposure to field optics
  • Practical exposure to data collection, preservation of evidence, layout of study
  • Each trainee would be trained to independently identify at least 40 species of birds in an airport environment
  • Production and submission of training completion report along with course statistics for use at office
  • Completion certificate, feedback and incorporation of suggestions in the course structure and curriculum

Own a team of experts

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When you buy any service under Airport Management suite, we offer you one (1) year of limited e-mail support once the project is complete is handed over to you. During this FREE support period we would gladly answer to any of your queries on our work or reports.

For any enquiry regarding Airport Management suite please drop in an E-mail to (m@grus.co.in) we will stay in touch with you to understand your requirements clearly and work with you.

Flyers, Reports etc.

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Training Brochure