Wildlife Studies
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Designing anti bird strike modules without understanding the complete ecosystem
for all the seasons is equal to not designing in the first place. Understanding
of ecosystem must be mathematical, scalable, practical and reliable.
We have just perfected this art, and we are just a call away . . .

An all rounder!

Devising a impregnable solution for anti bird hit model at any airport is not a trivial task. This requires the understanding of all ground and flight operations to the greatest extent. We have just the thing doctor has suggested! our team comprises of people who have a decade experience in ATC (Air Traffic Controlling), Applied Ornithology, Ground operations, practically everything. Naturally our studies and assessments keep all the practical challenges in mind while doing so. Our portfolio of wlidlife studies count up to 27 airports, largest by any individual or organization. Count on us for yours' too, you'd be glad you chose us.

Scientific in approach

We offer the most scientific and holistic Integrated Wildlife Management (IWM) at airports by employing robust and copyrighted techniques. We have a thorough understanding of air traffic operations, requirements of airline operators,

expectations of flight safety officers and ICAO rules apart from ethology and pattern of movements of birds up to 25km radius from ARP (Aerodrome Reference Point) of airports – to deliver actions practical enough to implement on ground situations.

Make way for PERT

From our experience, we firmly believe that this enables us to launch professional studies straightaway and bring cutting edge technologies in bird management while others begin by trying to understand the system.We use Program Evaluation and Review Techniques (PERT), a widely used technique world over to aid in the planning and scheduling of bird study projects that have uncertainty component in finishing deadlines.

We offer Four-way management modules to reduce bird strikes. Our modules are specific to airport, season, attraction factor and bird species.

Copyrighted methods to protect everyones interest


  • AFA (Attraction Factor Analysis) Identification and statistical analysis of factors attracting birds to airports
  • Accurate pin-pointing on reason for attraction and designing specific management methods
  • Precise reach on actual reasons of attraction
  • PRE (Perch Risk evaluation and mitigation)Reduce the presence of problem of birds due to mandatory installations close to airstrip as per ICAO Annex-14, Vol-I
  • Analysis of perch density, perching frequency and perch use pattern of birds on runway installations
  • Effective management of perch birds
  • ARI (Airport Risk Index) Enables comparison and allocation of resources for bird management at national level
  • Classification of airports based on the risk category
  • Asset management and policy decisions based on risk index
  • GeoSpaceAlgorithm to optimize utilization of precious bird management resources like personnel, equipments and other resources
  • Analysis of risk involved at any region in the airport
  • Inbuilt algorithms to analyze time series, perching frequency, nocturnal bird activity, and bird strike trend


  • Seasonal studies to cater for change in bird activity pattern on airports
  • Customized daytime and nighttime bird data collection – time series, point counts, line transects etc
  • Easy to understand bird movement diagrams in Inkscape for use by field functionaries
  • Multi-seasonal Risk Analysis Table and Risk Factor Evaluation – conforming to ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Possible) concept to maximize the resource utilization efficiency at low costs
  • Ecologically sound and simple methods to reduce bird activity inside and outside airport – customized reports
  • Interaction with authorities on execution of bird management methodsAssistance in interaction with external agencies to achieve reduced bird activity around airports
  • Assistance in interaction with external agencies to manage wild animals and Giant Fruit Bats

Own a team of experts

Why buy just a time bound service, own a team of experts with Grus Ecosciences.

When you buy any service under Airport Management suite, we offer you one (1) year of limited e-mail support once the project is complete is handed over to you. During this FREE support period we would gladly answer to any of your queries on our work or reports.

For any enquiry regarding Airport Management suite please drop in an E-mail to (m@grus.co.in) we will stay in touch with you to understand your requirements clearly and work with you.

Flyers, Reports etc.

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